Monday, May 23, 2011

Drive employee motivation with data

How many of you remember a candy called Cracker Jack? You bought Cracker Jack because you wanted the caramel-coated popcorn. But you always got something extra -- the free prize inside.

That's kind of the experience one of our clients, SWBC, got. SWBC tracks insurance coverage against collateral such as houses and cars for financial institutions including banks, savings and loans, and credit unions. They have over 4 million policies to track.

They came to HardMetrics because they needed to improve client reporting and internal analysis and reporting. But after implementing HardMetrics Performance Manager, they got more than they bargained for.

They discovered that they could use it as a motivational tool too. SWBC uses the data from HardMertics Performance Manager to display the Company's forecast and goals to show if they're operating in green, red, or yellow territory. Now everyday, service center employees check to make sure they’re in the green. And if they’re not, then there's a little more pep in their step that day.

HardMetrics also played an analytical role in helping SWBC identify a transformational acquisition. They performed a multiple process analysis to compare their three OCR platforms using HardMetrics as the measurement platform and comparative litmus test. Its analysis helped SWBC acquire a new company.

We put together a case study drilling into each of the new functions SWBC uncovered in HardMetrics Performance Manager. You can keep reading to find out more, or download the jazzed up PDF.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fortune 500 companies still challenged in customer care operations

At the SOCAP International 2011 Symposium I met with several Fortune 500 companies. Despite the fact that these are some of the best-resourced companies on the planet, they are still struggling with accurate and timely analysis and reporting for their customer service operations.

Based on what I heard during our conversations, they aren't able to drill down and gather historical data or measure performance by individuals, groups, or across the enterprise.

The home-grown tools or Excel spreadsheets they are using today are just not delivering the capabilities they need to capture data from disparate sources and platforms, and measure operational performance.

So they're at SOCAP pounding the pavement for solutions that have domain expertise in consumer affairs and call center-driven environments. I also got wind of the exhaustion companies are feeling from taking on massive development projects to build a business intelligence solution.
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