Thursday, July 14, 2011

HardMetrics boosts performance at Auto Club South

Since launching our blog earlier this year, we’ve shared a number of customer case studies with you. I hope that in doing so, you’re getting a feel for the value that business intelligence solutions can bring to the enterprise. When a company makes a commitment to business intelligence, the possibilities are endless in terms of what that higher level of visibility into the enterprise can bring.

So here’s one more. We started working with Auto Club South (ACS)—which services AAA members in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Puerto Rico—back in 2006. ACS was looking for performance metrics that would enable them to monitor their customer interaction process, including the number of calls coming into their various branches, along with hold and handle times and other agent metrics.

After five years of experience, today ACS is using HardMetrics on several fronts. They’re tracking the sales performance of individual agents, opening up opportunities for cross-selling. They’re identifying standards and best practices, and applying them across the board. They deployed an Executive Dashboard for company leadership to have easy access to the data most important to them. What started out as a project to get better insight into basic front-line metrics has turned into an enterprise-wide, sophisticated and completely automated performance management solution.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Business intelligence, tablet computers and cloud computing

Since we announced the optimization of HardMetrics Performance Manager for the iPad and other tablets, I’ve been amazed by the feedback we’ve received—it’s clear that we’ve hit a hot topic here. The popular blog CloudTweaks obviously agreed, as they included a quote from me in a post on the impact of tablets and cloud computing on business intelligence.

The article focuses on the tablet enabling employees to “access information from anywhere at anytime, and also input data using shared document formats in real time.” But as I said in the comment I left on the post, the advantages of BI on the tablet go well beyond employee access. For our customers, the bigger advantage is the empowerment of the entire corporate org chart, from executives and management on the go, to client-facing resources, and even a manager/supervisor’s ability to walk over to a call center agent in the middle of the day with their tablet in hand, and discuss their real-time performance. And I believe that as the use of tablets in the business world becomes more widespread, we’ll begin to see even more benefits to mobile BI solutions.

You can see my comment and the full article at CloudTweaks.com.
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