Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meet our newest customer: C3/CustomerContactChannels

Any day that I get to announce a new customer win is a good day. The latest company to come on board with HardMetrics is C3/Customer Contact Channels, an undisputed leader in the call center outsourcing space. If you’re not familiar with C3, they’re a relatively new company, but the executive team has a long track record of building successful businesses in this industry.

The implementation of the cloud-based model of HardMetrics Performance Manager (HPM) is already underway. C3 will be relying on HPM for insight into their operational activity and business trends, and will be available to everyone from corporate management down to the individual agent. We’re thrilled to be working with such a top notch company, as we continue to expand our customer base in the call center industry. And it seems that C3 is excited too. Here’s an excerpt of a quote from Ken Condren, C3’s Vice President of Technology:

“We want to give our clients a package of tools and experience they can’t get anywhere else. The analytic component of HardMetrics further enhances our analytic capabilities, differentiating us from anyone else in the industry.”

We look forward to living up to, and exceeding C3’s expectations.

To read the press release we put out on the partnership, keep reading below.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Forbes recognizes the "No Software" revolution

Forbes magazine recently published their Innovators issue, in which the editors name the "50 Best Companies of Tomorrow." The top company this year isn't Apple (they came in at #5). And it's not Google (they're #7). The company that Forbes considers the most innovative, over some of the largest and well-known companies out there, is Salesforce.com.

This is a company that I've watched and admired for years -- and in some ways, aspired to emulate. Since its inception in 1999, Salesforce.com has completely changed the face of the CRM space with their disruptive technology, enabling companies to track, manage and monitor their sales efforts via agile, cloud-based solutions. Their online hosted (Saas) model was the first of its kind, and they are the undisputed leader in that space.

This is exactly what we're doing in the business intelligence space -- pioneering the availability of complete enterprise-scale performance management solutions for companies that can't afford NOT to step up their game, without requiring massive IT budgets, resources and time commitments.

I tip my hat to Salesforce, and look forward to replicating the success that they've had, in our own industry.
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