Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy data, happy customers

Telerx is in the business of making customers happier. But you can't make customers happier if you can't measure whether they're happy or not. How do you measure it?

By analyzing massive amounts of customer contact and call handling information, survey and satisfaction, CRM, and other sources of customer interaction data. Even social media.

Easier said than done. In addition to centralized corporate data, Telerx had operations data scattered across the U.S. in six contact centers.

But with our help, Telerx was able to consolidate that information into HardMetrics Performance Manager, correlate relationships and events across the disparate sites, customers, programs, campaigns, and more.

Now Telerx management can instantly access the latest data any time, from anywhere. Even better, they can simply drag and drop different data elements into a single report to compare and contrast data from different sources. Find out more in the full PDF or read the case study below.

As the leader in outsourced customer care contact center services for the pharmaceutical and consumer package goods industries, Telerx is expected to deliver exceptional customer care from its six contact centers in North America. Telerx needed the ability to better analyze customer contact and call handling information across disparate management systems to improve customer satisfaction.

The Telerx challenge:
  • Integrate data and consolidate reporting from six North American contact centers.
  • Eliminate manual processes and human errors.
  • Centralize and standardize data. Promote availability, accuracy, and trust.
  • Simplify and expedite report generation while introducing advanced analytics.
  • Enhance decision making.
Telerx selected HardMetrics Performance Manager to capture, measure, visualize, investigate, and report on the performance of the contact centers and their impact on business performance. HardMetrics Performance Manager proved the most cost-effective, efficient way to analyze contact center operations for Telerx and its clients while improving business performance.

With HardMetrics, business analytics and metrics are available and customizable on demand and Telerx management has the ability to consolidate hard-to-combine data in a self-service, intuitive, Web-based application. The result is a better bottom line and a significant improvement in customer satisfaction.

Leading Contact Center Outsourcing Specialist Enhances Competitive Edge with HardMetrics Performance Manager

Telerx depends on business analytics and reporting from its six contact centers across the U.S. and Canada to optimize relationships with Fortune 500 clients. These companies trust Telerx to deliver exceptional customer care. However, according to Diana Helfinstine, Senior Vice President of Operations at Telerx, analyzing customer contact and call handling information presents a significant challenge because multiple contact center management systems and vendor platforms are involved.

Diana Helfinstine said: “We host a number of CRM systems and we don’t always have complete information coming from our clients’ automated, call-distribution systems. Billing structures are often different, as well. Despite the disparate nature of this information, we needed to create
reports on a frequent basis. A lot of resources were involved in taking this information, pulling it together, and formatting it. It was an incredibly cumbersome process.”

Helfinstine continues, “Whenever you have humans interacting with data there’s always a chance for mistakes to be made: Manual processing is error-prone and one person’s interpretation of the data
might be different than someone else’s. A consistent point of view becomes much more difficult to obtain.”

Telerx evaluated many CPM solutions to address this challenge, but most were over-engineered, expensive, and complicated. A peer company that had good experience and tangible success using HardMetrics Performance Manager in a similar environment recommended that Telerx evaluate this contact center-focused solution.

“We knew we needed to talk to HardMetrics. When we did we were very impressed with what they could offer. HardMetrics had a cost-effective and flexible solution with the functionality we needed, combined with the domain expertise needed to help with implementation,” says Helfinstine.

After due diligence, Telerx implemented HardMetrics Performance Manager in April 2009. Since its early days of implementation, Helfinstine and her team at Telerx have experienced many advantages.

“With a drag and drop process you can take different data elements and bring them together into one single report and then compare and contrast data from different sources,” she says.

The HardMetrics solution has also simplified and expedited report generation for Telerx. According to Helfinstine, “Using a manual process, we spent hours developing reports for all the data our clients needed. With HardMetrics, we simply click on the various elements and create a report in a matter of seconds. Once that’s done, I can go in and export that information to my clients, all within a very short period of time, compared to the hours it used to take to manually pull everything together.”

Since implementing HardMetrics, Telerx has greatly improved the effectiveness of its customer care operations and is now enjoying enhanced timely visibility into business trends affecting their clients’ bottom line.

“We have built an ROI analysis around this implementation and are successfully meeting that return,” concludes Helfinstine.

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