Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SearchBusinessAnalytics.com covers benefits of real-time BI

Recently Alan R. Earls of SearchBusinessAnalytics.com was conducting research for his article, "Real-time BI capabilities offer benefits, add complexities for users." Based on their knowledge of what we do, the folks at our PR firm Gregory FCA suggested to Alan that he would benefit from talking with a couple of HardMetrics customers.

A few weeks ago Alan contacted TCIM Services Inc. and NOVO 1, two of our customers in the highly competitive Call Center Outsourcing market. The good news is that Alan and his editor found the information to be compelling and of value to the article. The one catch is when you read the article you won't see HardMetrics mentioned by name.

If you've ever had any dealings with the press, you know that sometimes they don't mention vendors and their technologies by name. But rest assured and just so you know, the solution and benefits being talked about in the article are being realized through the deployment and use of HardMetrics Performance Manager.

It's great to see our customers being recognized by the industry for the improvements they're making in their operational analytics and business intelligence infrastructure. They are advancing their operations, improving their efficiencies, continuously creating new success stories, and generating serious and significant ROI. Thanks Alan for including TCIM and NOVO 1 in your piece! Flip over to the article now to find out the benefits they're seeing with real-time business intelligence.

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