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How streamlining 21 million data elements improves business performance

How do you go from manual data preparation and reporting to complete automation and sophisticated performance and operational analytics?

How do you go from the risk and cost of mountains of spreadsheets, manual processes, and inconsistent data to clear business insights at the push of a button? That's a good question to ask TCIM Services, Inc.

The leading provider of outsourced call center services was struggling to keep pace with globally produced data from over 20 unique data sources that contained over 21 million raw data elements. After working with us, all of that information is now seamlessly processed and neatly packed inside and managed by HardMetrics Performance Manager.

Now they have on-demand access to financial, operational, and payroll data that's able to be sliced and diced any way to ensure that they are internally operating at peak efficiency and delivering top-notch service to their Fortune 100 client base.

It's the kind of transformative process we thrive on. For the deep dive on how we got them from there to here, read the case study below or download the dressed-up PDF.

TCIM Services, Inc. needed enhanced visibility into the key performance metrics that drive the success of its business so that it could continue to provide top-notch service to its Fortune 100 client base.

The TCIM challenge:
  • Eliminate manual and error-prone processes.
  • Improve timeliness and accuracy of data.
  • Define consistent metrics across nine call centers.
  • Provide ability to analyze data comparing and contrasting various metrics across the global organization.

HardMetrics Performance Manager helps TCIM increase profitability and customer satisfaction with timely access to data and analytics.

HardMetrics is used at all levels of TCIM senior management, from customer service supervisors to senior executives. It provides on-demand access to key metrics with drill-down functionality so the company can evaluate business performance from a global, geographical, call center, account, team, and individual level.

Contact Center Services Leader Transforms Business Performance Management

TCIM Services, Inc. is a leading provider of outsourced call centers with seven locations in the United States and two in the Philippines. The company’s clients include Fortune 100 companies
who depend on TCIM call center agents to assist their customer support and product sales efforts.

TCIM call center agents are expected to maintain excellent customer satisfaction levels while meeting program-specific objectives in a cost-effective manner. In addition, TCIM must respond quickly to customer changes and growth while continuing to provide excellent customer service. To accomplish these objectives, TCIM closely monitors the performance of all of its call centers down to the individual agents.

Prior to deploying HardMetrics, TCIM relied on a combination of internally developed online systems, ad hoc query capabilities, and typical spreadsheet management. As a result, the flow of information was slow, and management questioned the integrity of the data any time a manual
report was completed. In addition, the company never really knew whether it had complete information driving the profitability of operations or the quality of customer service. TCIM was in need of a new, more responsive and deep-thinking solution.

Scott von Kleeck, Chief Information Officer, says: “We chose HardMetrics after an extensive vendor review process because their team was very knowledgeable in the areas of data integration, business metrics, and call center performance management. Their offering was a complete, ready-to-deploy solution. The power of their analytics engine meant our implementation would be easier and faster than other options, while providing us the flexibility to meet increasing demands and unspecified future requirements. Furthermore, HardMetrics’ domain expertise with call centers meant they understood our industry and spoke our language.”

The goal of the project was to give front-line managers through executive management on-demand data access to truly drive profitability and customer satisfaction. The HardMetrics solution was deployed within 90 days. The bulk of that time was spent mobilizing internal efforts and defining the metrics to be introduced and standardized with the new system.

Since deploying HardMetrics in 2006, TCIM management is benefiting from timely access to data that provides enhanced visibility into changes in operational metrics. Over 21 million raw data elements from 20 unique data sources are seamlessly processed by HardMetrics Performance Manager on a daily basis that provide key performance metrics to the management team. The data includes all of the key drivers of TCIM performance, including financial, operational, and payroll data. Users are
also able to slice and dice the data any way they want, all from an easyto-use Web-based interface.

HardMetrics Performance Manager also lets TCIM eliminate creation of ad hoc reports and special IT projects to perform detailed analysis. “We’ve freed our IT staff from performing manual data analysis and enabled our internal customers to analyze the operations through self-service access to critical business performance metrics,” says von Kleeck.

Call center managers can view agent and team performance objectively, view a client program globally, and more actively monitor business performance on behalf of the customer.

“Our account managers’ ability to rapidly drill down into performance metrics and truly manage the client account has been extremely beneficial in execution of client programs,” says von Kleeck. “It is critical to understand short-term and long-term trends; but if it takes too long to get the data and understand the facts, your business has probably already changed. You cannot work with stale data. HardMetrics has enabled TCIM to move beyond managing by gut feel or intuition and into
an environment where we can effectively identify problems, trust that the underlying data is accurate, and make necessary changes quickly.”

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