Thursday, June 23, 2011

First details on HardMetrics and Customer Relationship Metrics partnership

It might be summertime, but we're not about to sit back and relax here at HardMetrics. In fact we announced HardMetrics' new partnership with Customer Relationship Metrics (CRM) in a press release yesterday.

CRM delivers two distinct value propositions through its business intelligence as a managed service offering:

1. Simplified and fast implementation of an industry-tested and proven, feature-rich, enterprise-scale BI application. This is the best of BI in the Cloud.

2. A team of domain experts, research analysts, and management consultants who will use the application to assist clients in deploying best practices and optimizing the performance of their business.

CRM has been a HardMetrics customer for three years. Our technology has been used internally in their voice of the customer research practice. And starting today, the HardMetrics Performance Manager is an essential component of their new end-to-end managed service offering. Keep reading for more details on how we'll be working together and what it means for your company's BI.

CRM to include HardMetrics Performance Manager within its business intelligence managed service offering

WAYNE, Pa. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- HardMetrics, the leading provider of performance management and operational analytics solutions for call center driven organizations, today announced that Customer Relationship Metrics (CRM) will now include HardMetrics Performance Manager within its business intelligence managed service offering.

Business intelligence solutions are usually hard to implement, expensive, complicated to use, and compromised due to the large skilled labor shortage by the companies that depend on them to gain valuable insight into operational health. CRM simplifies the process of implementing business intelligence by offering it as a managed service, relieving customers’ IT departments of the burden of selecting, deploying, training, and extracting value from BI reports.

CRM is now including HardMetrics Performance Manager as an essential component of its end-to-end managed service offering.

Jim Rembach of Customer Relationship Metrics says, “Our national client base looks to us to make business intelligence real, by turning data into decisive business action. With HardMetrics powering our business intelligence managed service, we can help customers quickly leverage competitive advantages and triage underperforming operations.”

Rembach added, “HardMetrics is in the sweet spot of business intelligence, filling a void between massive enterprise solutions and the unbelievable usage of spreadsheets to report and manage business operations. Companies are losing to their competition if they are relying on spreadsheets to run their business, and we are thrilled to be partnered with this innovative company.”

HardMetrics’ founder and Chief Executive Officer, Rob Winner, stated, “We have long respected CRM for their ability to provide an end-to-end BI solution, relieving corporations of the burden of managing BI infrastructure. In addition, by outsourcing BI operations to CRM, companies overcome the skilled labor shortage and avoid the risk of training employees who then shop their skills to the highest bidder. We believe that CRM’s reach and reputation in the BI arena will open even more doors for HardMetrics and provide a powerful proof point for the value of our solution.”


HardMetrics is a leading provider of on-premise and on-demand analytics and business intelligence solutions for call centers and the companies that depend on them. Organizations of all sizes use HardMetrics to transform call center data into actionable information that drives profitability and customer satisfaction. HardMetrics solutions are easy to deploy and cost effective, enhancing visibility at every level of the enterprise. For more information, please visit the company’s website at http://www.hardmetrics.com/.


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