Tuesday, March 15, 2011

At the American Teleservices Association Convention and Expo, solving contact center challenges one enterprise at a time

I traded in the chilly weather up North for the warm sun of Phoenix this week to be at the American Teleservices Association (ATA) Convention and Expo. HardMetrics just joined the ATA, and we're excited to be exhibiting for the first time at their Convention.

In fact, we even got a brand new backdrop for our booth. Take a look at the picture I snapped on my BlackBerry at the end of this post. The Convention wraps up tomorrow, so if you're here, stop by booth #305 to say hello.

I'd love to meet you and talk about the challenges your contact center is facing, what you see as the big trends in the industry this year, and how you're optimizing operations to stay ahead.

Being surrounded by the people of our industry and discussing the common challenges we all face is always eye opening. No matter how long you've been in the business, there's always something new to learn when you get together with hundreds of your colleagues.

And what's been even more valuable is how we're able to overcome those challenges through knowledge sharing and the technical solutions that so many vendors, including HardMetrics, are showcasing on the show floor today. Everything from to the work-at-home model, to social media customer care, to our own solution, which helps enterprises make sense of the massive amounts of data created by call centers.

But so far it's been a great couple of days getting to meet to a lot of our customers and spending time with them. My only regret has been not being able to sneak in a round of golf. ;)

Keep your eyes on the blog. When I get back and have the opportunity to collect my thoughts and compile my notes, I plan to share with you some of the insights I've learned from talking with so many people at the hub of our industry at this wonderful event. And now that picture I promised you.

HardMetrics' brand new booth design

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