Monday, March 28, 2011

Top call center trends from the American Teleservices Association Convention and Expo

I'm back from the American Teleservices Association (ATA) Convention and Expo, and I want to tell you about the top two trends I saw taking shape after talking with so many people at the hub of our industry.

The first trend I saw was call center agents being recognized as the face of a business. A customer's interaction with your call center can make or break their perception of your company.

And in the era of Twitter, it only takes 140 characters and a few seconds for that customer to tell the world how well they were treated or how badly.

Therefore, companies should not only provide superior training to their agents, but measure their performance. Performance measurement can collect critical data that can increase customer satisfaction, and in some cases, discover data that can be profitable for the company.

Another trend is the growing number of companies outsourcing their call centers. Just because you can't be there physically to monitor your company's call center doesn't mean you can't be there virtually. There are lots of technical solutions that let you monitor your call center's performance, including our own solution.

But you don't want a ragtag collection of data being dumped in a spreadsheet. The data is useless unless you're able to organize it, slice and dice it anyway you need it, and be able to analyze it. That's the challenge some companies are facing. And that's why I was at the ATA Convention, to tell them how HardMetrics can solve that problem.

My time at the ATA Convention and Expo was brief, but I had a great time talking to call center leaders and finding out what challenges and successes they've had or anticipate this year. Did you attend? Let me know what other trends you saw emerging in the call center arena in a comment on this post.

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